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RCMP concerned about Devils Army Clubhouse being constructed in Langford


The West Shore RCMP is aware of reports that a Devils Army clubhouse is being constructed in Langford. This news is concerning and under close scrutiny by your local RCMP and city officials.

Maintaining public safety remains the top priority of the West Shore RCMP Detachment. We will work closely with our neighbouring RCMP, Municipal Police Forces and partner agencies to identify, investigate and disrupt criminal activity and organized crime in our communities, states Inspector Larry Chomyn, West Shore RCMP Detachment Commander.

At this point, there is no evidence to suggest that criminal activity is occurring at the location on Spencer Road, in Langford. Significant resources from local and regional RCMP units are closely monitoring the situation and will take immediate and legally appropriate action in response to any alleged criminal activity.

Langford Mayor Stewart Young states, We will continue to work closely with the RCMP and commit to pursuing all available avenues to maintain the safety of our community.

As always, we encourage anyone in the community who has information relating to criminal activity to contact the West Shore RCMP Detachment at or anonymously through CRIMESTOPPERS at (8477).

West Shore RCMP Press Release

Photo by CFAX 1070

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