Update: We did it!!! A great big thank you to everyone that donated, we made our goal in under 24 hours.  We’ll leave the fund-raiser open for a few more days. As we said yesterday, every amount that you help us raise – over $2,400 – will be split evenly between the intended recipient and the Our Place Society in downtown Victoria. Thanks again for being so kind, everyone!

Victoria is coming together to reward the honesty of a homeless man in Langford. After the positive public response we received on the story, we at Victoria Buzz wanted to do something to help this individual.

On Monday June 15, The Westshore RCMP put out a press release about a senior, who had turned in over $2000 he’d found. It was later discovered that the man was homeless. The police described the act as “an incredible display of honesty and selflessness.”

Although he could have used that money for food or clothing or to get him by, for him to head to the police station and turn it over says quite a bit about his character.
A Go Fund Me page has been set up by Victoria Buzz to reward his good deed and donations have already reached $1630 in less than 24 hours. We can’t think of a better feeling than handing this man $2,400 — no strings attached — and telling him it’s a gift from the entire community. A token of our appreciation for his thoughtfulness.
Although someone sent us a photo of an envelope that turned up in a Langford parking lot with a message regarding a lost $2,400, the Westshore RCMP have stated that no one has come in to claim in the money yet.
The Go Fund Me site can be found here: gofundme.com/x2y2ajk.


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