If you have been hearing air horns blasting in the Saanich Peninsula area,  everything is okay!

Just this morning alone, it went off three different times, flooding our inbox.  Matter of fact, Victoria Buzz founder, Mike Kelly, who lives in the area was also questioning the sirens.

After some digging, we found the source!

North Saanich Fire Department fire chief, Gary Wilton, tells Victoria Buzz the the air horns you are hearing is from the fire hall on McTavish Road. This is a temporary measure during water main construction in the area. The sirens will only be used during construction hours, until the construction is complete.

This letter was sent out to the residents in the general area:

Effective Monday. July 6. 2015. for approximately six (6) weeks, the CRD water main replacement crews will be in the area replacing water mains on McTavish and East Saanich Roads. Traffic control personnel will be on site, however there will be delays.

In order to ensure a timely response to the McTavish Fire Hall, we will be reactivating the emergency call sirens at the McTavish Road Fire Hall during the construction period. This will alert the traffic control personnel that fire crews via personal vehicles will be proceeding to fire hall, and that lire trucks will be leaving for an emergency situation thus allowing for priority through the construction zone.

In addition to the sirens being activated. both the upper and lower Cresswell Fire Gates will be open to be used by lire department responders to expedite access to the fire hall. We will attempt to synchronize the siren and open gates to the construction work hours.

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