An advisory was posted at Langford Lake on July 22. According to the CRD website, the advisory was put up due to high bacterial counts. The sign reads: “Unsafe for swimming and other water contact activities. Water tests indicate high levels of bacteria which may pose a risk to your health.”

It is also highly recommended to keep your dogs out of the water at this time.

Several other locations also have the same advisory:

For the latest report, click here to the CRD website.

Reaction from Victoria Buzz fans:

[blockquote cite=”Andrew Irving” float=”left” align=”left”]This began when the walk way was constructed at the end of the lake and the road put in blocking all of the run off. Instead of having an outflow consistent with a lake this size it was vastly reduced. I grew up on this lake and at one time it was the cleanest. Now, so much development all around it has turned it into a polluted mess. Enjoy the view of your untouchable lake. Hope the destruction of the environment is worth it.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”James Drew” float=”left” align=”left”]That’s what happens when you build 2500 houses in West Hills next door to the lake and everyone goes swimming at same time[/blockquote]


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