It’s official: McKenzie interchange funding announced.  Minister of State and Member of Parliament for Vancouver Island North,  John Duncan,  was joined today by  Todd Stone,  Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as Stewart Young, mayor of the City of Langford, to announce federal-provincial funding for the construction of an interchange on the Trans-Canada Highway at the intersection of Admirals Road and McKenzie Avenue. Furthermore to announce federal, provincial and municipal funding for the extension of the Westshore Parkway, which will connect the Trans-Canada Highway to Highway 14 in Langford.

The Highway 1 Admirals Road/McKenzie Avenue Interchange project will include the construction of a new interchange on the Trans-Canada Highway, at the intersection of Admirals Road and McKenzie Avenue.

The Westshore Parkway extension project will involve the construction of a two-lane road, approximately 3.5 kilometres long connecting Highway 1 to Highway 14. Upgrades will include the integration of a middle turning lane where required, new bike lanes on both sides of the roadway, sidewalks in the residential areas, the installation of sewer and stormwater infrastructure, as well as streetlights, transit stops and boulevard medians.

Collectively, these upgrades and enhancements will help improve traffic flow between two of the fastest growing communities in British Columbia, while reducing collision rates and improving pedestrian/cyclist safety throughout the Capital Regional District. Press Release from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure:

The New Building Canada Plan is the largest and longest federal infrastructure plan in Canada’s history. This unprecedented commitment is providing $53 billion to support provincial, territorial and municipal infrastructure between 2014 and 2024.


Quick Facts:

  • The Government of Canada has selected the Highway 1 Admirals Road/McKenzie Avenue Interchange project for funding consideration of up to one half of total eligible costs, to a maximum of $32,647,500 under the New Building Canada Fund’s Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component-National and Regional Projects. This funding is conditional on the project meeting applicable federal eligibility requirements with respect to the New Building Canada Fund and on the signing of a contribution agreement.
  • The Government of British Columbia will be contributing approximately $52,352,500 towards the Highway 1 Admirals Road/McKenzie Avenue Interchange project. Approval of this funding is pending final provincial government approval. The total estimated cost of this project is $85,000,000.
  • The Government of Canada will be contributing up to $7,450,856 to the extension of the Westshore Parkway project under the New Building Canada Fund’s Small Communities Fund. The Government of British Columbia will also be contributing up to $7,450,856 to the project. The City of Langford will be responsible for the remaining costs of the project, which has a total estimated cost of $22,352,570.
  • The Province’s B.C. on the Move plan for the improvement of the province’s transportation network provides a comprehensive road map for transportation investments and strategic policy actions over the next decade, and is supported by a $2.5 billion provincial investment over the next three years alone.
  • The $53 billion New Building Canada Plan provides stable funding for a 10-year period, and includes:
    • The Community Improvement Fund, consisting of the Gas Tax Fund and the incremental Goods and Services Tax Rebate for Municipalities, which will provide over $32 billion to municipalities for projects such as roads, public transit and recreational facilities, and other community infrastructure.
    • The $14-billion New Building Canada Fund, which consists of:
      • The $4-billion National Infrastructure Component that will support projects of national significance; and
      • The $10-billion Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component for projects of national, regional and local significance. Of this amount, $1billion for projects in communities with fewer than 100,000residents through the Small Communities Fund.
    • An additional $1.25 billion in funding for the Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Canada Fund administered by PPP Canada.


[blockquote cite=”John Duncan, Minister of State and Member of Parliament for Vancouver Island North” float=”left” align=”left”]Our Government’s support for public infrastructure has never been stronger. We are pleased to work with the Province of British Columbia to approve projects under the New Building Canada Fund, to ensure that infrastructure funding continues to flow in British Columbia as we focus on creating jobs, promoting growth, and building strong, prosperous communities across Canada. We are proud to invest in these two transportation projects. Once completed, they will contribute to increased commuter safety and improve the flow of traffic within the Capital Regional District.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Todd Stone, B.C. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure ” float=”left” align=”left”]With so many people relying on this corridor, these projects were made a priority in “B.C. on the Move”, our 10-year transportation plan for the province. We have worked hard with our partners to make this a reality and deliver on the commitment our government made to the people of Vancouver Island. Both of these important projects will help ensure traffic moves as safely and efficiently as possible, well into the future.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Mayor Stewart Young, City of Langford” float=”left” align=”left”]The City of Langford is grateful for the funding support of the federal and provincial governments for this project. The connection of Highway 1 and Highway 14 provides an important transportation link for the whole region and will provide for future economic growth and jobs in the area.[/blockquote]




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