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Remember your morning coffee with the daily newspaper and catching up on local sports?


Remember the good ol’ days when you woke up, rubbed the sleep from your eyes and troddled out to the front stoop to retrieve your daily edition?

You prepared to take on the day by sitting at the breakfast table with a steaming cup of Joe. The day could not move forward, until you had leafed through the newspaper with your trusty mug and whatever …toast and jam…cereal …eggs.

The paper smelled of ink, and gave that papery-rustley sound as you turned the huge wavy pages, one after the other looking for the latest buzz….it took up half the table.

You went to your favourite section after skimming all the headlines – maybe reading a line or a paragraph before moving on. Before settling into the Business section, usually B or C. Or perhaps you got engrossed in Sports or Entertainment, Entertainment was always in D or E wasn’t it? Classified was chock-a-block full of things for sale – not so much anymore.

By reading the paper you were up on all the latest – ready to discuss the news by the photocopier, in the lunch room, or while leaning against your shovel.

The daily newspaper isn’t dead in most markets, it has settled – boy has it settled! And it has morphed, especially with online content. Content is king. Content is everything. If you don’t have content, what are you? A flyer wrap? ….online we go, right?

Of course you still have your daily ritual, perhaps you read the Globe & Mail or the Vancouver Province or the Victoria Times Colonist online – maybe you still read the print product! Perhaps you continue to manhandle the Saturday edition of the New York Times? Brave soul you!

However, have you noticed that in the sports section, you end up being inundated with the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and NASCAR information and maybe, just maybe there’s a little local sports content? Always a little let-down, isn’t it?

Do you find yourself realizing that a great local game or tournament had taken place and you didn’t even realize it was on? You completely missed everything! Happens all the time now. The internet is so immense, that you can get lost out there.

With all this in mind, Victoria Sports News is coming! It will provide the latest news, opinion, interviews, schedules, videos, photos and soon: pod-casting and live video streaming to everyone – from Victoria – a sport and recreation mecca; to give and get that daily dose; all local, all the time. Mobile or desktop, you will have it in your hands.

VSN will not cover the NHL, MLB, NASCAR, CFL, NBA or any big league game – you can get that information anywhere you want, online. However, you will receive original, well-written and thought-provoking content all about your local teams and athletes and recreational activities.

And the good news is coffee today is better than it’s ever been. Maybe you have a French Press at home or some sort of single cup Keurig-like unit that looks super high-tech and poised for duty on your marble counter top. Perhaps you stop by your local shop on the way to work, coolly named Kaffee Haus Roastery; you can smell it six blocks away.

You settle in the corner or at the window, looking on the hipsters who mix with construction and office workers and cops and hippies and against the backdrop of  a group of elders in the middle who can’t contain their loud repartee about the good old days.

Little do they know that these are the good old days! Look for VSN soon at for the latest local sports content with access everywhere.

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