Fisherman's Wharf

When was the last time you played tourist in your hometown? Inspired by the beautiful summery weather, we set out to explore our little gem of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Harbour Ferry
Harbour Ferry

A lovely scenic 10-minute walk from the Inner Harbour or a fun quick cruise on a Victoria Harbour Ferry and you are there.

Barb's Fish and Chips
Barb’s Fish and Chips

Pick up lunch at the many eateries, such as the famous Barb’s Fish and Chips.

Barb's Fish and Chips
Barb’s Fish and Chips

This iconic shop has been in operation for over 30 years and featured on The Food Network.

Barb's Fish and Chips - Burger
Barb’s Fish and Chips – Burger

Not just fish and chips, but also great burgers!

Rockn' Rolls - Crispy Crunch rolls
Rockn’ Rolls – Crispy Crunch rolls

Or the eclectic Brazilian-inspired Japanese fusion sushi from Rockn’ Rolls, that is not only delicious but also 100% sustainably and locally sourced.

Jackson's Ice Cream
Jackson’s Ice Cream

For dessert you can’t go wrong with some of the best ice-cream in town, from Jackson’s Ice Cream.

Jackson's Ice Cream
Jackson’s Ice Cream

16 flavours, plus gelato, frozen yogurt and of course soft ice cream. All locally made of course!

Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tour
Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tour

If you’re feeling adventurous you can hop aboard a whale watching tour, or perhaps go kayaking.

Quaint hanging baskets of Fisherman's Wharf
Quaint hanging baskets of Fisherman’s Wharf

For the more leisurely minded, just stroll around the quaint float homes, which are fully functioning residences.

Coho sailing by Fisherman's Wharf
Coho sailing by Fisherman’s Wharf

Watch the Coho go by…

4 Winds Nest Boutique
4 Winds Nest Boutique

Revel in the color and atmosphere!

4 Winds Nest Artisan Boutique
4 Winds Nest Boutique

Buy a locally made gift.

*A Brief History of Fisherman’s Wharf 

From the end of the Second World War to about 1990 was the heyday of the fishing fleet at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fishing vessels were tied to every dock, except for two docks at the east end. These two “live aboard” docks were home to a diverse, and often eccentric, community from the 1970s right up until 2000.

Many colourful characters roamed the docks and rubbed shoulders with the fishermen. People would appear from nowhere and make the wharf their new home. Suddenly, they would move on and quickly be replaced by other, equally eccentric types.

This meant there was never a dull moment on the wharf. Local police were often kept busy breaking up fights and cross-checking their list of outstanding arrest warrants with the roster of wharf inhabitants.

(*Extract courtesy of Greater Victoria Harbour Authority)

Fisherman’s Wharf Businesses 

Barb’s Fish & Chips

The Fish Store & More


Jackson’s Ice Cream

Hi Gear Crab Sales

Moka House Coffee & Bistro


4 Winds Nest Boutique

Eagle Wing Whale Watching

Kelp Reef Kayaking

Puerto Vallarta Amigos

SeaKing Whale Watching

Beasley’s Fishing Charters

Delicate floral details at Fisherman's Wharf
Delicate floral details at Fisherman’s Wharf

*Photography courtesy of ItkasanImages

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