A magnitude 9.0 earthquake has just occurred off the BC coast. A massive tsunami races towards land at the speed of a commercial jet.

On October 18 at 10:18 am, drop, cover, and hold on!

ShakeOutBC simulates this hypothetical, but realistic disaster scenario and looks at what damage can be expected and what people can do to prepare themselves.

On October 18 at 10:18 am, drop, cover, and hold on!

This is your invite to join hundreds of thousands of British Columbians (and over 18.9 million people worldwide) in the largest earthquake drill in the province.

Once again, the Great British Columbia ShakeOut Drill will be on the third Thursday of October, which is officially proclaimed ShakeOutBC Day by the Province of British Columbia – and therefore by the Queen!

The province-wide drill, with its oddly specific start time, hopes to get British Columbians more prepared for dangerous earthquakes.

How to participate

Register yourself, family members, or a business. Even if you enrolled last year, you’ll need to renew your registration for 2018.

Last year, 898,000 people from B.C. registered and participated, and this year Shake Out’s hoping to surpass 1 million participants.

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  1. Could only watch a few minutes of this simulation clip being that the DOOM & GLOOM music was too much and too loud. Let me know when you’ve corrected the volume or better yet erased the music track all together. Thank-you

  2. If you want to present facts instead of B-grade melodrama complete with corny music, I’ll be happy to watch and learn.

  3. The sound normalization is really bad, I had to stop watching after a couple of minutes. Can’t hear the narrator over all the background effects and piano wharrgarbl.


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