Seaspan barge tips cars into Gorge Waterway

This afternoon, Victoria Police received calls of a barge that had tipped near the Gorge/Selkirk waterfront. The barge was being loaded with scrap cars when it tipped, dumping some of the cars into the Selkirk Waterway near the Bay Street Bridge.

Victoria Police say all workers have been accounted for and there are no injuries. Victoria Fire deployed their boats to to search around the barge.

The Seaspan barge was being loaded at Schnitzer Steel adjacent to Jutland Road. Several Victoria Buzz fans sent in photos of the barge taken earlier in the day, including one photo that was taken one hour prior to it tipping. It showed the barge already tilting to one side.

Witnesses tell CHEK News they heard a large crash, followed by a splash, as dozens of cars went overboard. Ministry of Environment says approx. 20 vehicles are believed to have fallen off the barge

Police closed the Selkirk wooden walkway alongside the area of the barge collapse as a precaution. They have been advised by Seaspan that the risk is if any more cars fall off, the barge could be displaced by the momentum and come onto the walkway.

A boom has been laid in the water to collect fuel and debris. Transport Canada is on scene investigating.

There was a crane operator on top of the barge when it tipped but he was able to avoid falling in the water. We are hearing he isn’t cooperating with police.
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CFAX listener Christa Fenton has sent us this photograph, showing the debris floating in the waterway next to the partially submerged barge.

Posted by CFAX1070 on Friday, August 28, 2015


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