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Cougar stalks Mt. Finlayson hiker – hiker goes off trail and gets lost


A lone 22 year old man found himself off the beaten trails on Mount Finlayson just before midnight on July 29, after he spotted a cougar and attempted to get away from it. The man, who feared for his safety as the cougar appeared to be stalking him, was able to call for help.

Based on those circumstances, two West Shore RCMP officers undertook an immediate search and kept in contact with the man via cellphone.

After 3 hours of hiking in the dark, police located the man who had run out of food and water. He was escorted back down the mountain without sustaining any injuries.

“We would like to remind the public to be sufficiently equipped and prepared when going for hikes”, states Cpl. Bryson Hill of the West Shore RCMP. “We encourage hikers to travel in pairs. This is especially true when hiking at night where there is a greater chance of sustaining injuries or having negative wildlife encounters”.


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