Last week, we told you about local developer, Sakura, putting a helicopter inside a building on Fort St! Most of you probably didn’t believe us, and we don’t blame you! Thankfully, a Victoria Buzz fan, who helped move the helicopter in, has submitted a few photos for proof!

It is just the shell of the helicopter and will be used for meetings.

It’s like an extra meeting space in an open concept office. Need to make a private call? Go in the chopper. Want to take a nap? To the chopper. Have a meeting and don’t want to disturb your coworkers? The Chopper. It’s actually awesome. I worked in a different building owned by the same people and we had vans and trailers in the space and a bus out back for these same reasons. I used them daily. It’s innovative, fun, creative, and completely functional… with a twist. – Serena De Castro




Photo Credit: I ♥ Downtown Victoria

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