Sharp plastic pieces found in Filet-O-Fish

This past Wednesday, Ayesha Asad and her son got more than they paid for while eating their Filet-O-Fish sandwich, bought from a Hillside Avenue McDonald’s.

“My 8 year old son was eating it and almost halfway done he said I feel some spiky stuff in my burger. I asked him to spit it out right away and found two very sharp plastic pieces in it.” Said the very upset mom.

“Then I checked the burger, and it had more of them coming right from the middle of burger patty.” Approximately 5 sharp, what appeared to be plastic, pieces were found in the patty.

More sharp plastic pieces found in the filet.
More sharp plastic pieces found in the filet.

Ayesha returned to the McDonald’s location and showed them the objects. She was given a refund and an apology. However, when she asked to make a former complaint, she was apparently told that although they were sorry, ultimately they were not at fault, as they do not make the patties themselves, but buy them from an undisclosed manufacturer.

The refund Ayesha received.
The refund Ayesha received.

“Despite the fact that I repeatedly asked to have a complaint logged, they said that there is no way of doing it as it is NOT THEIR FAULT.” Reported Ayesha, “I don’t want to settle it for a refund, as a lot of Canadian kids eat McDonald’s, and these plastic pieces would be dangerous for any adults too. I hope my son didn’t swallow any!”

Frustrated with the response, Ayesha made a complaint to the Vancouver Island Health Authority, who are now investigating the matter.

Victoria Buzz contacted the store, however was advised nobody was available to comment at the time.

McDonald’s Canada contacted Victoria Buzz shortly after, with the following statement:

“Food safety is a top priority and we take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the food served to our guests.

An initial review of the photograph by our Quality Systems team suspects the object appears to be fish bone fragments.  However, without the sample, we are unable to determine the exact nature of the object.

We understand the restaurant team did apologize to the guest and we are thankful our young guest was unharmed.  We would  also like to speak directly with the guest to again express our apologies and to make arrangements to obtain the sample so we can have our supplier analyze the object and look at what actions could be taken to refine their quality control systems in the future.  We are eager to resolve this matter for everyone concerned.”

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