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A few reminders to keep your kids & pets safe this Halloween weekend


Halloween can be an exciting time for children and with the distraction of candy and costumes, safety rules can easily be forgotten.  Check out these simple tips to keep Halloween night a safe night for all, including the pets!

Safety tips for the kids:

  • Your child’s costume should always be form-fitting to avoid restrictive movement, as well check the length to avoid a tripping hazard.
  • Children are excited running from door to door, so it would be best to avoid a mask that may obstruct their view.
  • Make sure your child’s costume is visible to everyone. Suggest to add reflective strips or glow sticks to their costume, shoes, bags & if you decide to have one around their neck make sure to use a lanyard – easy for a child to breakaway from. Perhaps carry a flashlight.
  •  Put a name tag with parent’s phone on child’s costume in case your child is disconnect from you. Unfortunately with all the children running around & in disguise it does happen.
  •  Remind your children not to go to any dark, unlit homes. And most importantly never enter a stranger’s home.
  • Pay attention when walking past driveways to make sure a vehicle is not pulling out. Remember to walk, not run.
  •  Let’s remember to look both ways before crossing the street. Make use of traffic signals & crosswalks.
  • Stay in a well-populated area.
  • ALWAYS make sure to inspect your child’s candy before consumption. All candy should be in a sealed packaged with a name brand. Make sure candy hasn’t been tampered with. If you are unsure throw it away, you can never be too safe.
  • Older children who are going out with friends should have a trick or treating map planned out & set a time to return home, you don’t want to worry if your child is late.

Safety tips for the pets:

  • If you are expecting children at your door, keep your pets away from the door. Your pet will not be familiar with a costume, dogs especially are territorial & they may become anxious or act in an aggressive manner.
  • Remember not all children like animals, most commonly a large dog. This is another good reason to keep your pet away from the door, you don’t want to see any innocent trick-or-treaters in tears.
  • NO Chocolate! It is very toxic to your pet & may cause anything from an upset stomach to death.
  • Remind your children not to give chocolate or any candy related items to their pet.
  •  Always store your Halloween treats in a safe & secured place that your pet won’t be able to access.
  • Most dogs are scared of fireworks & loud noises so please remember to keep your pet inside during the Halloween season, up to several days after.
  • If you let your pet outside to do its business, please put on a leash & stay with them at all times. We don’t want you to spend your Halloween searching for your beloved pet.
  • Sure your pet looks cute in that costume, but they may not enjoy it. Do not keep it on for long & make sure your pet is not restricted in their costumes.
  • Never leave a pet alone in a costume, remember this is something new to them.
  • If your pet, most likely your dog, is showing signs of fear, present yourself in a happy & upbeat manner. Sometimes this will help change the emotional state of your dog. Distraction, playing, turning on a TV or radio may also help redirect your dog.
  • Most importantly if you’re heading out for the night, make sure to keep your pet safe & indoors.

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