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Advance Polls open today, your guide to voting early


Starting today, advance polls open over four days of Thanksgiving weekend, October 9-12. From noon to 8pm.

If you are busy on Monday October 19, this is a good way to get your vote in. For political parties, this is a critical way to lock in support, preventing their supporters from being swayed at the last minute.

Results of the votes cast in advanced polls will not be counted until election day.

Your advance poll location and time is on the back of your voter registration card, under “Advance voting days.”

You must prove your identity and address to vote in a federal election. Here are your ID options:

Show one of these pieces of ID

  • your driver’s licence
  • your provincial or territorial ID card
  • any other government card with your photo, name and current address


Show two pieces of ID

At least one must have your current address, for example your bank statement, here is a full list of options.


If your ID does not have your current address, take an oath

Show two pieces of ID with your name and have someone who knows you attest to your address. This person must show proof of identity and address, be registered in the same polling division, and attest for only one person.

Important information

Your voter information card is not a piece of ID

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