The Royal Canadian Navy will participate in tomorrows Great B.C. Shakeout by utilizing the Mass Notification System for two minutes beginning at 10:14 a.m.

Because  personnel work in a large area and a wide variety of locations including outdoors, in ships, vehicles or workshops, CFB Esquimalt has recently installed a Mass Notification System.The audible siren will sound much like that of an emergency vehicle and will last approximately one minute. A short B.C. Shakeout voice message will accompany it.

Due to a variety of environmental factors including temperature, humidity and wind direction it may be possible that the sirens will be heard in neighbouring municipalities

The speakers are currently located in the Dockyard, Naden, Work Point.

What will the warnings sound like?


This is a test of the siren system. It is only a test. If this had been a real alarm you should listen to this system for further instructions. This is a test.”



Tsunami Alert Voice Message: “Tsunami alert, tsunami alert.  Move to higher ground or inland now. This is NOT a drill.  Tsunami alert, tsunami alert, move to higher ground now.” (Wail tone)



Shelter Voice Message:  “A dangerous condition exists on the base and you must seek shelter indoors.  SEEK SHELTER NOW.  Do not proceed outside until directed to do so.  This is NOT a drill.” (repeating tone)

Lockdown Voice Message: “Security alert, security alert.  This is a Base Emergency.  Commence lockdown procedures now.  This is not a drill.” (repeat)



All Clear Voice Message:  “All Clear, All Clear.”  (All Clear tone)