Young male cougar after being tranquilized by Conservation officers in James Bay | Photo by Victoria Police Department

Around 7pm Sunday night, police were contacted about a cougar sighting in the 1900-block of Alma Place. When officers arrived, they were unable to locate the cougar. They put out a warning that night to parents and caregivers when bringing children to school the next morning.

Early this morning, police began to get numerous calls of cougar sightings throughout James Bay. Police were able to locate the cougar in a backyard on Michigan St and that’s when the fun began as it managed to elude officers for a couple hours.

Conservation officers and police were able to keep track of the young male cougar as it leaped from yard to yard throughout James Bay.

Shortly after 10am, Conservation officers were able to tranquilize the cougar behind a Michigan Street apartment building in James Bay.

B.C. Conservation officer Peter Pauwels said at 10 this morning a tranquillizing dart took effect and the big cat dropped at a residence on Oswego Street.

“He lost his way and ended up in the city and couldn’t find his way out,” Pauwels said, Monday. “He was tranquillized and we’re going to try to relocate him.”

It will be released into the wild near Port Renfrew.


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