The town of San Remo where council employees were skipping work to go to the beach.

Absenteeism is a problem for employers all over the world including those in Canada. Here at home according to some statistics, the average full-time Canadian worker was skipping 9.3 days of work in 2011.  The estimated direct cost of absenteeism to the Canadian economy was $16.6 billion in 2012.

However a town on the Italian Riveria just took absenteeism to a whole new level. Following a covert investigation by police, it was found that 75 per cent of council employees were clocking on and then heading to the beach, going shopping or even heading back to bed!

It was reported that one particular security guard would turn up in his underpants, punch his time card and then go back to bed.

Another man turned up for work, clocked in, and then went off to spend his day helping his wife at her flower shop.

Police have arrested 35 people this week, including a local police officer and are continuing to investigate.

The mayor who was not caught up in the investigation, has said: “Sadly we now find ourselves with offices that are devoid of any employees. The council is in danger of grinding to a halt.”

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