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Dancing restaurant owner given okay to continue


The Mayor of View Royal says an Admirals Road restaurant owner who has become well known by those who commute through the intersection of Admirals and the Old Island Highway, will be allowed to dance to promote his business again.

Earlier in the week, Vic was told by View Royal bylaw enforcement he would have stop dancing on the side of streets to promote his restaurant after they received a complaint. We shared the CTV news story on our Facebook page last night. The post was instantly inudated with hundreds of comments in support of Vic, the owner of Lucky Village restaurant.

Damn, I love this guy! He would always brighten my day when I’d drive past,”  Kelly Dennison comments on Victoria Buzz Facebook page.

“This is the hardest working and friendliest man in Victoria. He doesn’t know what it means to take a day off. He should’ve had his restaurant here in Langford instead of View Royal. He’s an inspiration to many of us with his perpetual happiness. VIC, you’re the best,” writes Mary J Dhanani Komarnisky.

Mayor David Screech tells CFAX they only took action because of complaints from the community, for instance that his dancing was obstructing pedestrians.

The Mayor says they’ve talked to the restaurateur and he’s agreed to keep up his dance routine but at better locations such as the grassy boulevards.

CTV Coverage:

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