Actor Stevie Mack and costume and set supervisor Marie Melanson Oct 21, 2015

Market Square’s Oscar and Libby’s store is the site of filming today. Pupstar Pictures have been filming all over Victoria for several weeks now and will be here til the end of November.

They are filming a “story about an adorable pet caper following a little girl and her dog on a suburban adventure.”

Shooting has mostly been around our theatres and the crew will be heading to the Roundhouse next.

Victoria Buzz caught up with the crew at Market Square today, seems like Victoria has made a great impression!

Stevie Mack – actor: “I love the people here! You are all so cordial!”

Marie Melanson – costume set supervisor: “I love Victoria, you have great food and great service! Truly awesome!!”

The set outside Oscar and Libby's today
The set outside Oscar and Libby’s today
Cordoned off set area in Market Square
Cordoned off set area in Market Square

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