The dog water bowl with paint as sent in by the dog owner.

UPDATE: Top Quality Coatings management and employee have formally apologized to both the dog owner and community over yesterday’s incident where paint was found in a dog water bowl at Windsor Park. A dog had reportedly drunk from the water and was taken to the vet.

Top Quality Coatings management have apologized over the incident:

Top Quality Coatings Apology letter
Top Quality Coatings’ apology letter

An employee also offered his apology, emphasizing that there were no toxic compounds in the water:

Employee letter of apology
Employee letter of apology


Victoria Buzz also contacted the Oak Bay Municipality for comment:

“As soon as the Municipality became aware of the situation the fountain was cleaned.” Chris Hyde-Lay the manager of Parks Services has also met with the contractor to discuss the incident.

The dog owner also reports that her dog is doing just fine and they have been compensated by the painting company.

The original Facebook post can be seen here.