Monday, March 4, 2024

(UPDATED) Extremely cold temperatures on the way and possible snow flurries


Update: Environment Canada has lifted the Arctic air alert for Southern Vancouver Island.


The first arctic outbreak of the season is on its way and Environment Canada is warning of freezing temperatures and poor driving condition on the south coast beginning Monday night.

According to the weather statement, the arctic air will arrive from the east, spilling out the coastal inlets and valleys first, spreading west toward Vancouver Island before gradually dwindling.

As the leading edge of the coldest air of the season arrives, bursts of snowflurries may rapidly reduce visibility while moisture on the roads freezes fast.

Travel conditions will quickly deteriorate in areas prone to northeast outflowing winds, especially where recent rain showers occurred.

Nighttime windchill is expected to dip between -10 and -20c  in exposed areas such as coastal valleys and near the water at the mouth of Major inlets.

Local snowfalls of a few centimetres are common as the Arctic air arrives.

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