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Loose-leaf tea is tea that is not brewed in a teabag. Steeping loose-leaf tea allows water to flow through the leaves extracting vitamins and minerals, and of course flavors and aromas from the leaves! Loose-leaf teas come in an astonishing variety of flavours and from regions all over the world, opening up new taste sensations. We love loose-leaf tea and so decide to make a list of our favorite locations in Victoria to satisfy those tea-thirsty tastebuds.

1Murchie’s Tea & Coffee

Murchie’s Tea & Coffee – Photo by ItkasanImages

Established in Canada in 1894 by John Murchie from Scotland, the store is a Victoria icon. Murchie’s uses only the finest quality loose-leaf teas available to create their signature blends. Choose from over 100 possibilities, black, green, herbal, organic and so many more. Try something uniquely Victorian such as the “Hatley Castle Blend” – James and Laura Dunsmuir had this tea delivered during their residency at Hatley Castle!

Address: 1110 Government Street
Website: www.murchies.com

2Silk Road Tea

Silk Road Tea – Photo by ItkasanImages

Silk Road Tea has been bringing high quality and award-winning teas to Victoria since 1992. All the teas are made with premium quality, fresh, organic botanicals. This results in higher antioxidant levels and superior taste. From black, white, green and so many more, there’s bound to be a tea for you. We can’t get enough of the refreshing combination of spearmint and lemongrass in our favorite “Alchemist’s Brew,” perfect for a caffeine-free afternoon pick-me-up.
Address: 1624 Government Street
Website:  www.silkroadteastore.com


DAVIDs Tea – Photo by ItkasanImages

The first DAVIDs tea store opened in Toronto in 2008, before quickly becoming so popular locations opened all around the country. Choose from over 150 types of tea, including mouthwatering blends, seasonal collections, traditional straight teas and organic teas. We can’t resist the sinfully delicious “Read My Lips” a decadent combination of China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns – to top it off it contains little red candy lips! So satisfying and with no guilt or strings attached.
Address: 606 Johnson Street and Uptown
Website: davidstea.com

4Teavana Tea Store

Teavana – Photo by ItkasanImages

Teavana has over 100 tea varieties to choose from: green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, unique blends and more! Treat your sweet tooth with delicious fruity blends such as Dragonfruit Devotion. We love the guilt-free “Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea” with dark chocolate and coconut, it whisks us away like a Hawaiian holiday!

Address: 616 Fort Street at The Bay Centre and Mayfair Mall
Website: www.teavana.com

5Special Teas Inc

Special Teas Inc. – Photo by ItkasanImages

With over 110 varieties of tea from 4 continents, you are sure to find something to your liking at Special Teas Inc! Carrying all kinds of blacks, greens, oolongs, rooibos, honeybush, yerba mate and combinations of them all. Freshly blended in store, all teas are naturally flavoured, using dried fruit and flowers and contain no artificial colours.

Address: 610 Yates Street
Website: www.specialtea.com

6Terroir Tea Merchant

Terroir Tea Merchant – Photo by ItkasanImages

Owners Jason and Charity bring loose-leaf tea to a whole new level. Offering 27 specialty teas direct from farmers, they promise to provide tea drinkers with a unique sensory experience. Learn about the teas on offer from the tea leaf gallery and then smell the varieties at the aroma bar, before making your purchase. The buttery “Jin Xuan” Oolong tea is one of our favorites, commonly called “milky oolong”, this is an award winning artisan tea that lives up to its name. Heighten your senses!

Address: 832 Fort Street
Website: www.terroirteamerchant.com/


Suggest your favourite spots below in the comments.



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