One of the locations that will receive a mural, 835 Fisgard Street, as part of the Create Community Colour Mural Program - Photo from City of Victoria

Six local artists and 18 youth have been selected to beautify six graffiti hotspots downtown and in Victoria neighbourhoods. A partnership between the City of Victoria and the United Way Greater Victoria, the Create Community Colour Mural program is matching a professional artist with two or more youth ages 14 – 20 to collaboratively produce 10 colourful murals.

The details of the locations can be found here.

The artists, their concepts, and the mural locations are noted below:

  • Jesse Campbell – Incorporate urban contemporary and abstract pieces similar to the Open Space mural located next to it. (506 Fort Street – Back of the building next to Open Space; two murals)
  • Jamin Cook Zuroski – Use three main themes depicting past, present and future, highlighting the land and its people moving forward. The piece will be a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. (603 Pandora Avenue – Corner of Pandora Avenue and Government Street, across from the McPherson Theatre; three murals)
  • Luke Ramsey – Demonstrate a blend of individuality and shared vision by creating a series of heads along the length of the wall, with each head sharing an eye next to the head on either side. (835 Fisgard Street – Back of the building located on Cormorant Street, across from Ministry of Health building; one mural)
  • Shawn Shepherd – Create an urban garden look that will be based on a garden motif of plant foliage, and include a large arrangement of coloured stripes entangled in large leafy vegetation. (930 – 932 Pandora Avenue – Back of three buildings on Mason Street, east of Wildfire Bakery; one mural)
  • Jody DeSchutter – Present a large scale figurative focal point radiating in colour and losing detail and focus towards the edges, with a background of urban buildings and forestry to complement the figure. (1211 Gladstone Avenue – Southeast sections of a housing complex’s perimeter fence, located across the street from the Fernwood Community Centre; one mural)
  • Christine White – Create an art nouveaux style female character in an outdoor setting with wind and seed flying from her hands, dancing across the space. (1550 Kings Road – Victoria Emergency Management Agency container, adjacent to the tennis courts in Oaklands Park; two murals)

For more information on the artists and project, visit the City of Victoria’s Create Community Colour Mural Program webpage.