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The Victoria City Police Union have issued a statement saying they have “no confidence” in Chief Frank Elsner and the police board.

An internal investigation found he had sent inappropriate messages on three occasions starting in spring, on Twitter, to a female Saanich police officer, who is also the wife of a subordinate officer.

On Sunday, Elsner made a statement saying he was “deeply humiliated” with the formal reprimand on his record – the first in his 33-year career.

An internal investigation by the Victoria Police Board found there was no inappropriate relationship and no breach of the public’s trust in the department, but that the online messages did cross a line.

​The union however has “no confidence” in the way the police board handled the incident, and an independent agency will be reviewing the internal police investigation. The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, which provides civilian oversight of complaints about municipal police, will conduct the review.

The Victoria Police Board has voted for Elsner to remain as chief.

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