In July, parents learned the $40,000 they helped raise for school improvements at Keating Elementary School had gone missing (Google Maps)

Central Saanich police say a 43 year old Central Saanich woman has been charged in relation to the disappearance of over $40,000 from a school fundraising account.

Tanya Larayne Adam’s has been charged with forgery, fraud, and theft.

The money went missing from the savings account belonging to Keating Elementary School’s parent advisory committee.

The PAC had raised $40,000 to improve the playground and other school enhancements, but the account was reduced to virtually zero.

Three days after parents of Keating Elementary school were told $40,000 had been stolen, Peninsula Co-op said they would donate $30,000 to the school.

“It’s our neighbour,” Penny Sopel of Peninsula Co-op told Global News back in July. “Our motto is giving back..and that’s what we want to do. We want to make sure the kids can go out and play and interact with each other and have fun like we’ve all done in the past.”

Adam is scheduled to appear in court on January 20, 2016. She has been charged with with forgery, fraud, and theft.


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