Who doesn’t like to look back in time? Especially when it is of your own home town.

This short home video was taken in 1926.

It mostly features areas around the inner harbour and even shows a glimpse of a street car passing the iconic Empress Hotel.

The vessel seen at the 42 second mark of the video is the Princess Marguerite.

According Wikipedia, the Princess Marguerite departed Scotland on March 25, 1925, on her maiden voyage to Victoria B.C. and for the next 26 years sailed the Triangle Route between Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle. The British Admiralty requisitioned her in 1941.

On August 17, 1942, while en route in a convoy from Egypt to Cyprus with 125 crewmen and 998 British soldiers on board, the Princess Marguerite was hit by two torpedoes, sinking with a loss of between 50 and 60 soldiers and crew.

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