Wordclouds showing words of US twitter users on left and Canadian users on right. Size of the word is proportional to how overrepresented it is in each country and colour (deepness) is proportional to absolute word frequency in each country. Image from McMaster University.

Science finally proves Canadians are more polite than their neighbours in the States!

Researchers Daniel Schmidtke, Bryor Snefjella and Victor Kuperman wanted to find out which words were used the most by Canadians compared to Americans (and vice versa) at the national border.

So they collected over 3 million tweets between February and October 2015. They then compared frequencies of the words across Canadian and US Twitter users.

The most disproportionately Canadian words on Twitter are “great,” “amazing,” and “favourite.” We also love our sports with “Raptors,” “Jays” and “Leafs” featuring prominently. On Twitter, Canadians seem upbeat and positive.

The most frequently tweeted words by Americans are obscenities, racial slurs and words such as “hate,” “damn,” “lol.” Other common words are “sleep,” “miss,” “hell.”

The NSFW list can be found here.

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