Oak Bay High School Students invite you to be a part of the first emissions-free food drive ever in North America!

In partnership with Mustard Seed and GeaZone Transportation, Oak Bay Students will be making their way through the Oak Bay neighbourhood on January 23rd, 2016 to collect non-perishable food donations.

Help support the emission-free food drive by either leaving your donation on your doorstep or coming out to meet the truck when they drive by.

Elizabeth May will also be in attendance from 11am to 1130am at Oak Bay High School.
Everyone is welcomed to stop by an say “hi,” don’t forget a food donation if you could!

GeaZone had a little fun with one of their emission-free cars Thursday night, the company was invited to park one of our electric cars inside the Oak Bay High school for their open night. Students from their Visual arts department painted all over the cars, green themed designs while the car remained on running inside.

The point of this exercise is to promote electric cars and the fact that you could not do this with a gas car without a trip to the hospital!

Oak Bay Visual Art teacher Corey Wright along his students, helped paint-up the car with Mayor Nils Jensen and Green Party’s MLA Andrew Weaver!

One of the designs on the car will be painted onto GeaZone’s 5 ton electric truck.

We know this city. You should too. 👊

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