KiSS FM launches “Rethink Your Ink” contest – Have a look at some of the entries so far!

We’ve all made mistakes. Some just happen to be tattooed on our bodies but there is a solution! Imagine finally being rid of your bad tattoo!

If you have a tattoo that you despise, submit it now to KiSS 103.1! 

Whether it be a picture of your back stamp, misquoted song lyric, or the name of that ex from five exes ago, and they could pick YOU to win tattoo removal sessions from MD ESTHETICS. Entries must be sent in before Sunday, January 24th at midnight!

Here are a few of the entries so far:

Jeremy’s Story: Got this cross when I was 20. Did it well I was drunk with my roommate. Did I mention it was a homemade tattoo gun that was used. Yeah… Would like it gone.
Vanessa’s Story: I was coming out of a two year addiction . I met this great guy that helped me get clean we stayed together for six years. So after about three months of getting clean and getting together with this guy I had a brilliant idea to tattoo his name on my body. So I got his not only first name but last name tattooed from shoulder blade. We later broke up. Please help me get my exes name off my back…
Kevin’s Story: Hey guys! So this is my super lame, stupid teenager bad decision tattoo. It’s so dumb. I want it gone so bad. It was SUPPOSED to be this awesome vase spilling out water with my sign floating around in the water (Aquarius). Really believed the guy when he said he was good at tattooing..but no. I would love this to be off my body!
Paul’s Story: I got this tattoo here in Victoria in 1994 when I was in the navy. It was originally a sword with my 3 boys names on it. On completion you could not read their names though as the artist used a too thick needle and it was just 3 blurs. The (artist??) suggested using a snake coiled around the sword to cover up the 3 blurs and then putting a lightning bolt across the sword to showcase the boys names in the proper font. It sounded like a cool idea and I was a bit desperate. It did not work out either and it was just a mess. I have waited 20 plus years to get this removed.
Maria’s Story: I got majority of my tattoos before fifteen. This is one I dislike or even hate getting the most F t w = eff the world . I don’t want it no more, Please help me get it off my arm
Monique’s Story: I hate hate hate this tattoo of a Fairy on my ankle!! She never looked right from day one and she isn’t ageing very well, the lines are fuzzy and her face is all kinds of messed up!!
Dave’s Story: What was I thinking? I wasn’t. Got the ‘Pegasus Destiny’ tattoo in 1985 from a tattoo apprentice in Ottawa. The ‘KDMac’ is the initials of a former girlfriend of mine that I got in Victoria back in 2004. We were having lunch in Market Square and it was a spur of the moment decision. My very last spur of the moment decision.
Alix’s Story: My tattoo is my exs name. It’s on the back of my neck which sucks cause I wear my hair up all the time!! We dated for five years, were engaged and then he cheated on me. I’d love to have this bad memory removed!! Please help
Lonna’s Story: I got this tattoo done in Kamloops with my daughters name ZOEY as the body of a butterfly. I wanted something elegant and beautiful, to represent how beautiful my daughter is. It looks nothing like I wanted. Sad, and I have thought of having it removed but it costs so much. I will re do a tattoo with my daughters name on it, because I will forever know she’s beautiful, and I love her.
Elizabeth’s Story: On my 16th birthday I decided to get a tattoo. I thought I was destined to be an actor and got the theatre masks. I wasn’t. I’m a nurse now. I wasn’t sure where I wanted it so the artist pressured me into having it done on my right breast. Wish I waited, would have never got it.
Wesley’s Story: When l was 16 my friend and l used a needle and ink to make home made tattoos. I have always regretted doing this teenage stunt. My left one is of a pair of dice. Second is my name.

If you have a tattoo that you despise, submit it now to KiSS 103.1!