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Own a pug? Time for another Grumble – a meet and greet happens today!


Don’t be alarmed if you see a group of pugs heading your way, on January 17.  It’s time for another pug meet near Layritz Park in Saanich.

An event posted on Facebook by Michael Ho, is inviting those with a pug to meet at the fenced baseball diamond at Layritz Park located at the end of Layritz Avenue.

If your pug has a sibling or two that isn’t a Pug they are encouraged to come too.

“Lets get these littler snorters together for a little playtime,” writes Michael Ho on the events page.

Ho tells Victoria Buzz there used to be a group called “Little Snorters”  where Pugs, French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers used to meet up every month.

Even the infamous Ollie the Pug made some appearances to the meets from time to time.

We are told the monthly event eventually ended after politics got in the way.

“The meets were really fun for both people and the dogs so I thought it was time for another meet but this time specific to only Pugs because they’re such clowns and if you can get a group of them together, aka a Grumble – it’ll be pretty funny to see,” Ho says.

“When i created this event I only expected maybe 10 or so Pugs at the most but the RSVP’s are over 70 the last time I checked. Safe to say the numbers have definitely exceeded my expectations.  From the post and photos people have been posting on the event page there is definitely a lot of exciting from people who own pugs to people who just want to attend to see this “Grumble” – that said I wonder what the world record is for a Grumble..”

The meet up takes place January 17th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm,-123.4075129,18z

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