Challenge yourself to give up alcohol this February and raise funds to support life-saving cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency.

Victoria resident Tim Sommers, is ready to trade his wine for water next month.

The Victoria resident will be taking on the BC Cancer Foundation’s Lose the Booze™ this February, a fun challenge where participants go alcohol-free for 29 days while fundraising in support of life-saving cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency.

While Tim knows some temptations will arise during the month-long challenge, he says he is more than ready to say adios to alcohol.

“One never wakes up regretting NOT drinking,” he said. “The first few days of the challenge may be tough, but Lose the Booze is a great initiative that gives you an excellent excuse to not drink.”

While he is trading his pints for pop, Tim will also be fundraising in support of the important breakthroughs in research taking place at the BC Cancer Agency. It’s a cause that hits close to home for him.

“Cancer has affected so many of my friends and family, both directly and indirectly,” Tim said. “I can see that research is helping and it’s important to continue to support it.”

With over 26,000 British Columbians being diagnosed with cancer this year, funds raised by Lose the Booze participants like Tim will help ensure patients across the entire province have access to the latest cancer care.

“I hate cancer with every ounce of my existence,” he said. “Lose the Booze is the perfect way to fundraise for a great cause and try to protect those I care about from this disease.”

You can take on this challenge by registering on your own, joining an existing team, or creating your own team of friends, co-workers or family members!

Then tell your network that you’ve decided to become a Booze Loser, and ask for donations to help support your efforts! BC Cancer Foundation will be providing you with tips and tools along the way to help you get the message out there.

Not only will you be saving dollars and calories over the next few weeks, you will be helping to fund breakthroughs in cancer research that will directly impact the 1 in 3 British Columbians who be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.