Image: Burnside Gorge Community Association

Victoria council has approved a zoning amendment that will restrict vessels from anchoring for more than 72 hours a month in the Selkirk waterway portion of the Gorge.

There are currently about 30 vessels anchored in the area; some are abandoned while others have people living aboard.

Removal notices will be delivered in June or July followed by the pursuit of court injunctions to remove the vessels of non-compliant owners in August or September


Boats anchored long-term in the Gorge Waterway could be a thing of the past, if City of Victoria staff recommendations are adopted by Victoria councillors as early as next week.

The boats, many of them unoccupied, have been a source of concern for area residents, Gorge user groups, and councillors for some time.

Last year the City put in place complex regulations that would permit them to limit or eliminate anchoring in the area near Bamfield Park.

According to a Times Colonist report today, a proposed plan could limit boats to 48 hours of consecutive anchor, and further limit them to no more than 72 hours in place, in any given 30-day period.

Victoria councillors will receive a staff report next week.







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