University researchers are hoping users will download the app, in order to provide data to eventually give early earthquake detection warnings.

There’s now an Android app that may one day enable scientists to give everyone early earthquake detection warnings. Berkeley scientists have released a free Android app called “MyShake” that allows users to record ground shaking from an earthquake. The app has the ability to recognize earthquake shaking using the sensors in every smartphone.

The goal is to build a worldwide seismic network and use the data to reduce the effects of earthquakes. The UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory hopes to create a network that could one day provide early earthquake warnings.

According to the university website the app runs “silently” in the background on your phone much like the fitness tracking apps. “When the shaking fits the vibrational profile of an earthquake, the app sends the anonymous information to our central system that confirms the location and magnitude of the quake.”

MyShake also provides users with information about recent earthquakes around the world and significant global historical earthquakes.

The app is available as a free download for Android devices from the Google Play store.


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