An online petition launched in early December has been signed by more than 66,000 people from across the province, calling for an end to MSP Premiums.

Premiums have risen almost 40 per cent in just the last seven years alone. Rates increased this year to $150 a month for families of three or more and $75 a month for singles making $30,000 a year or more.

Message posted on the petition:

British Columbia stands alone — the only Canadian province to charge head-tax-like premiums for health care coverage.

It seems clear that B.C. should follow the lead of other provinces in eliminating its flat-rate MSP premiums!

Since MSP premiums are a form of tax, they should be assessed by the standard criteria for taxation policy.

Given that 90 per cent of public health care costs already come from general revenues, B.C. has ample precedent for replacing its head tax with broader sources, and not becoming a Canadian outlier.

More information and to sign the petition:

B.C. government indicates significant changes to MSP premiums coming:

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