Two Hearts. One Wish – Young West Shore student launches campaign to give back

A young local girl in the West Shore is behind Two Hearts. One Wish, a fundraiser selling bracelets for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

After several months of dedicated hard work producing 300 + handmade bracelets, Emma Locke, from Willway Elementary school, was heading to her first fundraiser event.

Emma held her “Two Hearts. One Wish.” fundraiser last week at her school and the kids and teachers lined up to purchase a bracelet or several! Emma was able to raise $665! She has raised $895 in total as of February 23, 2015.

“My principal bought 10 bracelets! But some people just bought one and then gave money which was so nice,” Emma told Victoria Buzz.

“The families within the Willway Elementary School community have always been amazing and supportive of one another,” Emma’s mom Jennifer Locke told us.

Emma at her first fundraiser. - Photo from BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Emma at her first fundraiser. – Photo from BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

With her family by her side, Emma, made the first donation of $600 to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation on Monday.

Emma, along with her big sister Kennedy, were born with a congenital heart defect. At the age of 3, Kennedy had open heart surgery to fix two large holes in her heart. At almost 18 years old, Kennedy is a thriving healthy teenager, looking forward to graduating high school in June.

Emma has an Atrial Septical Defect and on May 2nd she will heading over to BC Children’s Hospital to have her heart procedure, this will improve Emma’s health and will benefit her physically active lifestyle.

“I’m really nervous and scared, because something could go wrong. It’s scary.” Emma tells Victoria Buzz. The surgery is necessary however, as her mom explains, in order to improve her life. Mom and dad are very thankful for the cardiologist and their team who have been with the family through these years and continue to watch over Kennedy and Emma.

“We really want to give back, and that’s why the fundraiser is taking place. While the kids wait to get tested, and before surgery there is a waiting area to take their mind off things. The girls have made use of it many times,” Jennifer explains.

“There’s crayons and coloring books!” Emma excitedly tells us. The donations raised by Emma go partly toward items in the waiting area, that keep children occupied and relaxed. 100 activity-gift bags have so far been purchased for the surgical daycare!

“I’m really happy that I’m helping out,” Emma says.

Emma will be taking part in the Ocean 98.5’s 14th Annual Radiothon for Kids in May this year.

Just a few of Emma's bracelet creations! Emma has made over 300 bracelets in 3 months.
Just a few of Emma’s bracelet creations! She has made over 300 bracelets in 3 months.

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