"Single in the City" map by the City of Victoria shows the concentration of singles and locations of grocery stores, to help Victorians find love in the city.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the city of Victoria has compiled the “Single in the City” map to help single Victorians find love!

Amazon.ca recently declared Victoria the Canada’s Most Romantic City, and with that in mind, the city used 2011 Census data, to show which neighbourhoods in Victoria have the highest concentration of singles.

This information was then overlaid with local grocery stores (marked by hearts on the map), “because grocery stores are a great place to meet people. After all, you can tell who a person really is by looking at what they have in their cart!” states the post by Citizen Engagement & Strategic Planning.

So where are all the singles?

The highest concentration overall is in North Park, Harris Green and Downtown.

More single males live in Downtown and North Park than anywhere else in the city.

Single females are likely to be found in North Park and South Jubilee.

Neighbourhoods with no grocery stores have the fewest singles in the city – Gonzales and Rockland.

Click here to view the map, including a breakdown by neighbourhood, gender and age group.

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