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After a month of consultation with the public and BC Transit drivers, the Victoria Regional Transit Commission have chosen to keep fare prices the same, however, the corporation will eliminate paper transfers, the multi-month youth pass and the youth/senior tickets.

Following consultations with the general public and transit operators, the Victoria Regional Transit Commission decided to keep most fares the same. This includes the regular cash fare of $2.50, Adult Tickets at $22.50 for a sheet of 10, the $5.00 DayPASS and the $85.00 Monthly Pass for adults.

As well, the price for the monthly pass for seniors and youth will remain at $45.00, as it has for the past three years.

Previous paper transfers allowed one-way travel within a 60-minute time period.

Now customers needing to travel on more than one route during a trip will need to purchase a DayPASS for $5.00 – or by exchanging two tickets.  The DayPASS will allow for unlimited travel for that day. The day passes will only be sold onboard buses, exact change required.

An adult customer with a DayPass can travel with up to four children under the age of 12, with the one pass.

Of the 100,000 trips each weekday, only about 2,000  involve transfers, but the pieces of paper were the number one cause of conflict with transit drivers.
A dispute over transfers is one of the leading causes of conflict – and sometimes assault — involving transit operators and passengers. Removing this factor improves our operators’ safety and that of our customers.

Most disagreements were over expired transfers or the use of a one-way transfer for a round trip.

The changes will take effect Friday, April 1.

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