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Looking to participate in a community event this weekend? One Victorian has launched an event encouraging locals to help clean up our beautiful beach.

Emily Graham has set up a Facebook event “Local Victoria Beach Clean-Up” inviting Victorians to head to the beach along Dallas Road, to chip in and clean up the shoreline.

Some of the most common items found along the beach are plastic bags, bottles and cans, fishing gear, helium balloons, wire, wooden crates, cigarette butts, scraps of lumber, metal, plastic, styrofoam, glass and rubber, clothing and medical vials/ syringes.

“We are all so very lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful city as Victoria and even luckier to have the pacific ocean right in our backyards. It is home to so many different species, provides us with food and is used all year round for recreational activities,” writes Emily Graham on Facebook.

“The sad thing is our oceans have been neglected and huge amounts of plastic debris have wound up there. Marine animals are not able to differentiate between what is plastic and what is not and this is a great threat not only to each individual species but to the ocean ecosystem as a whole.”

Organizers will provide garbage and recycling bags, and other supplies, as well as information about the effects of garbage in our oceans.

Atlas Junk Removal company has donated their services in trash removal and the sorting of garbage and recyclables. Many other companies have also stepped up to help cover the cost of supplies.

Everyone is asked to meet at the foot of Beacon Hill Park at 11am on March 13, 2016.




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