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Celebrating 10 years performing together, Delhi 2 Dublin kicked off their mini tour right here in Victoria BC, at Sugar nightclub last night.

Delhi 2 Dublin originally formed on 16 March 2006, at a performance for the Vancouver Celtic Festival. The event was called “Delhi to Dublin”, which the group then adopted as their name.

On Friday March 4th, they brought their amazing fusion of Bhangra, Electronic, Funk, Dub Reggae, Hip Hop and Celtic sounds to a thumping full house that couldn’t help but dance to the contagious beats.

Delhi 2 Dublin and Victoria Buzz fan Sonya Fitzpatrick said this about the show last night:

“Best live show ever. Again. Delhi 2 Dublin killed it tonight with hot dirty beats. Joy. Waves ‘n waves all night. I danced, jumped, clapped, sang, shouted, screamed fist pumped.” 

See this band. Mind bending genre smashing electronic fusion. They hope to return in the fall. I will be sweating on the dance floor. dirty…gritty…beats…

Delhi 2 Dublin
Delhi 2 Dublin-2
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