Image courtesy of Anne-Marie Smith

From Victoria Buzz fan, Anne-Marie Smith:

I am writing you today to let you know that there are angels among us. I have attached a picture of the one I met last night, named Mariano.

My story is a wonderful one!! I went for a CT Scan on Monday March 14th, and with all the troubles trying to get an IV into me I was nervous and upset and realized I should remove my rings and strung them on my gold chain.

I placed them into my robe pocket so they would be safe. I knew metal was not to go into the CT machine but then had to drink all that lovely PegLyte and forgot about my rings.

After the scan I tossed the robe into the laundry hamper and went home.

Later that day I panicked when I no longer had my rings. I made phone calls to everyone in the hospital, and my husband went and searched the laundry and all the areas I had been in. After the calls and went personally to the laundry dept.

Around 5 pm on March 24th, I got a call from Mariano. He had FOUND my jewelry. What an amazing man to track me down!!

Not only was the jewelry expensive but they were very sentimental to me as I have only been married a little over a year.

The stress of surgery to come was enough without this loss. I am so so so grateful there are good people among us and he is my HERO!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. All too often there is not enough GOOD in this world and Mariano has proved there still is love.

We know this city. You should too. 👊

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