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VicPD are warning the public about an increase in thefts of purses and wallets from supermarket shoppers.

The thefts takes place as victims turn their heads for a moment, while their purse/wallet is in the shopping cart. When they look back their wallet and/or purse is gone.

In some instances, the thieves will retrieve credit cards from the purse/wallet and make off with only those cards, making the theft harder to detect.

The best defence – keep your wallet or purse on your person while you shop, or wrap the strap around your grocery cart handle several times.

Hopefully your wallet or purse will not be stolen, however in the unfortunate situation that it is, here are two steps that can lessen the trouble:

Reduce how many cards and pieces of ID you carry:

You probably don’t need all those credit and debit cards. Carry one main card and one back up card – keep the rest at home. Your SIN card, or items that show your address or passwords are best kept at home whenever possible.

Make copies of all your cards and ID:

Scan, photograph or photocopy all your cards and documents. Store this somewhere safely and where you can retrieve it immediately. Update the list regularly. If your wallet or purse is gone, you will know right away what is missing and the numbers you will need to call.

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