"One of the best things about brunch? Come on! It's the ultimate hangover cure!" - Tania manager of Spoons Diner. Photo Victoria Buzz/ItkasanImages

You Gotta Eat Here! host John Catucci has named Victoria the Brunch Capital of Canada.

“People there are obsessed with brunch,” says John. He notes the long line-ups outside our countless brunch spots. Why do we line up for breakfast? Perhaps it is our mild weather and fresh sea breeze, along with endless delicious options that gets us out of bed!

We asked the managers of Mo:Lé, The Village and Shine Cafe (all named in the You Gotta Eat Here article), what they thought about Victoria’s brunch love affair:

“I think to give credit where it’s due, businesses that have been around a long time John’s Place & Blue Fox helped build a real great breakfast culture in YYJ and small businesses came along and cultivated it well. If you look at the diversity of all the different breakfast joints that do well it really is quite incredible. Vegetarian, indulgent, greasy spoon – you name it we got it!” – The Village, Royal Oak.

“The truth is that Victoria is a culinary Mecca, but we are not satisfied with just dining out at night. We desire beautiful elevated food all day long. Brunch is casual, you don’t have to dress up or spend an arm and a leg. It is the only date where it is perfectly acceptable to arrive hung over. Victoria likes that.” – Josh Miller, owner of Mo:Lé Restaurant.

“I think people in Victoria love brunch so much because it’s a great way to get up in the morning (or early afternoon) and fuel your body before heading out and enjoying the great outdoors and all the beautiful nature our city has to offer. Whether you’re going to hike Mount Doug or run along Dallas Rd or go for a swim at Thetis lake, it’s the perfect meal to get you going!– Rachel, manager of Fort Street Shine Cafe.

Here are some of our favorite brunch locations to check out this weekend:

1Jam Cafe

All-day breakfast, including eggs Benedict & pancakes, with updated comfort food amid rustic decor.
Address: 542 Herald St
Phone: (778) 440-4489 (first come first serve)
Hours: 8AM–3PM

2Blue Fox Cafe

Vibrant, colourful cafe known for all-day breakfast & imaginative takes on Canadian comfort food. Emphasis on fresh local, organic produce. 
Address: 919 Fort St
Phone: (250) 380-1683
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30AM–4PM; Sat&Sun: 8AM–3PM

3The Village Restaurant

Busy, snug cafe in Estevan village, with second popular location in Royal Oak. Serving brunch all day, focusing on local and sustainable ingredients. The latkes and blintzes are a brunch fave!
Address: 2518 Estevan Ave
Phone: (250) 592-8311
Hours: 8AM–3PM

Address: 4517 W Saanich Rd #1
Phone: (778) 265-8898
Hours: 8AM–3PM

4Mo:Lé Restaurant

Vegan-friendly and rawfood-friendly cafe serving creative, organic brunch all day.
Address: 554 Pandora Ave
Phone: (250) 385-6653
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM–3PM; Sat&Sun 8AM–4PM

5Shine Cafe

Two locations serving all day breakfast. Famous for gourmet versions of breakfast classics- especially Eggs Benedict.
Address: 1320 Blanshard St
Phone: (250) 595-2134
Hours: Mon-Sat 7AM–3PM; Sun 8AM–3PM

Address: 1548 Fort Street
Phone: (250) 595-2133
Hours: Mon-Sat 8AM–3PM

6John’s Place

Canadian comfort fare with creative all day breakfasts, including the legendary EGGS BENNY HALL OF FAME.
Address: 723 Pandora Ave
Phone: (250) 389-0711
Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM–9PM; Sat 8AM–4PM, 5–9PM; Sun 8AM–4PM

7Spoons Diner

Victoria’s hole-in-the-wall diner (and when we say “hole,” we mean funky, hidden gem, not a hole you shove ugly plants in to die!), with made-from-scratch all day breakfasts.
Address: 2915 Douglas St
Phone: (250) 382-5111
Hours: 7AM–4PM

8Floyd’s Diner

All day breakfast at this iconic location. Try Jerry’s toast with pulled pork and bourbon syrup!
Address: 866 Yates St
Phone: (250) 381-5114
Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:30AM–3PM; Fri 7:30AM–4PM; Sat&Sun 8AM–4PM

9Willie’s Cafe & Bakery

B.C’s oldest bakery, founded in 1887, serving all day breakfasts & organic baked goods in historic brick building.
Address: 537 Johnson St
Phone: (250) 381-8414
Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM–4PM; Sat 8AM–4:30PM; Sun 8AM–4PM

10The Ruby

Hotel Zed’s own diner, serving breakfast until 2:30PM, everything from Benny’s to breakfast tacos.
Address: 3110 Douglas St
Phone: (250) 507-1325
Hours: Sun-Thur 8AM-8PM; Fri&Sat 8AM-9PM

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