Reality TV show, Alone,  has returned to Vancouver Island for a second season. Ten survival experts are dropped off in separate and extremely remote locations on Northern Vancouver Island.

Equipped with only limited gear and their years of wilderness experience, the survivalists are supplied with cameras to self-document their journey.

Completely isolated from one another, they struggle to live in the wild for as long as they can, attempting to survive unaided in a thick and desolate rainforest.

While each survivalist battles to simply enter the dense forest and find a suitable base camp, they must also find water and make a shelter before night falls and temperatures drop.

As the sun goes down, a new challenge presents itself: relentless rains and the struggle to build a fire without matches.

Some find that water, shelter and fire are the least of their worries when the island’s large predators wake from their dens and begin to stalk their new neighbours.

The show can be watch on the History channel every Thursday night. If you missed the first episode, it can be watched online.