First public meeting is tonight on possible wastewater treatment at Clover Point

Tonight will be the first of many public information sessions to discuss the possibility of a sewage treatment at Clover Point.

The city says it supports a facility in its community and will host numerous community meetings to inform the public about the Capital Region’s current plans and also gather public input.

It is essential that the community guides how these facilities are integrated into neighbourhoods and what amenities are included.

As such, the City is developing a policy which will guide the assessment of an application from the CRD and determine the suitability of wastewater treatment sites.

Currently, Clover Point is the Capital Regional Districts’ preferred site, however, there’s a lot of concern with the idea of a sewage treatment at that location, and many area residents are opposed to the idea.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps hopes residents will be constructive at the public information session, and if opposed to the Clover Point idea, than share ideas of possible locations near that outfall because half the region’s sewage already goes to Clover Point.

An online petition was started last month for those opposed to a sewage plant at Clover Point Park. So far, 369 Victoria residents have signed the petition.

When: Monday, April 25, 2016 at 7 p.m. 
Where: Crystal Gardens – 713 Douglas Street

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