Photo rendering provided by Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

With the immense popularity of the lighting of the Steamship Terminal, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority announced today the exciting changes coming to the Inner Harbour.

Underwater fountains and lighting will be installed along the causeway in front of the historic ‘Welcome to Victoria’ flower bed sign.

The architectural water feature will be modeled off the concept popularized by similar installations in Las Vegas. The installation will feature a series of fountain each paired with LED lighting and pressure jets allowing for water performances.

Victoria’s Inner Harbour, often termed the front door to the city, has a distinctive appeal and the installation of fountains will be one more way to highlight the area and provide a unique entertainment experience for locals and visitors.

“This is very exciting for Victoria and it will be an exciting attraction for locals and visitors a like,” says Ian Robertson, CEO of GVHA. “It will give our city an amazing water and light show similar to that of the fountains in Las Vegas but on a smaller scale.”

Twice nightly 10- minute shows will run from Thursday to Sunday at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., but only on April Fool’s Day.

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