Star Wars fans are definitely some of the most devoted people in the world and Candace Payne‘s love for Chewbacca is making her a viral star!

Having purchased a birthday present of a Chewbacca mask for herself, she then set the internet on fire with her live Facebook post.

Candace was so excited about the purchase, she decided to go live the moment she got back to her car, without a care in the world about what people thought as they walked past her car trying to catch a glimpse of her antics.

She opened the present to herself and decided to try it on and that is when the fun began…

After she put on the mask, she opened her mouth letting the Chewbacca noises emerge and proceeded to laugh hysterically for over a minute and a half!

“That’s not me making that noise, that’s the mask!!!” Candace exclaimed.

The video which was posted yesterday, has had over 60 million views.


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