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Dîner En Blanc Victoria 2016 Highlights


On Thursday night, some 1700 people gathered at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort for the fourth annual Dîner en Blanc. Attendees were dressed in immaculate white from head-to-toe. The pop-up picnic is held at a secret location each year, with guests learning where they will be dining only moments before they arrive!


Michelle, an attendee described the experience on the bus that transported guests to the location, “It’s so unpredictable! You get on the bus and you don’t know where you’re going. We knew it wasn’t going to be downtown because we didn’t go across the bridge. And we were all speculating where it was going to be until the moment we arrived!”


Guests bring their own white tables, chairs and picnic baskets, as well as decorations such as flowers and tablecloths. The impromptu picnic, far from being an elite event, is open to anyone who follows the registration procedure. Many collect white items throughout the year, such as from thrift stores or Used Victoria, to not only save, but to create a unique look.


Fiona, a guest at the event, tells Victoria Buzz, “This is my first time and I’m just amazed at how beautiful it is. It’s gorgeous and elegant and it’s such a spectacle. You can’t imagine, until you’re in it.”

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Strangers quickly became friends, as wine flowed and conversation was shared. Some guests brought their own gourmet picnics, however The London Chef also provided a catered dinner option.

DSC_9400-EditAs the other-half of London Chef, Micayla told us, “We delivered 1500 boxes! We’ve been up since 5am. Now, the pressure’s over, this is the part that we get to enjoy. Look at how everyone is dancing!”

DSC_9376-EditLive entertainment throughout the evening included the riverboat-style trio Dixie Dreamboat, Familiar Wild, the Eryn Sharpe Trio and DJ Michael Tedham. After dinner guests of all ages hit the dancefloor with full gusto!



Aidan Henry of Brink Events summed up the evening, “Such an amazing night. The weather held up, not only that, it gave us this sunset! And now everybody’s dancing!”


As the sparklers were lit, the music played and the magic was in the air! With everyone promising to come back again next year.



All photography by ItkasanImages

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