Olive has been missing since April 18th. She was last spotted on May 31st by her owners.

A dog that has been missing for almost two months was spotted in Brentwood Bay by her owners Tuesday night, giving them and searchers a glimmer of hope.

It has been 55 days now since Olive bolted from her grandma’s house on Burnside Road, near Spectrum School.

This little girl has been on a wild journey. She has covered so much ground, and ROAM (Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing) searchers say they are quite amazed at the endurance that she has shown.

The group who have been assisting with the search since day one have determined the that this little pup has travelled to:VGH, Thetis Lake, Mill Hill, Jacklin/Sooke Roads, Colwood School, Royal Roads, Prospect Lake, Brentwood, North Saanich/Deep Cove, Sidney, Cordova Bay, Elk/Beaver Lake.

“Our best guess, is that we have put up more than 1400 posters and leaflets throughout the different communities that she has visited. We have had many, many calls with sightings of Olive,” reads a ROAM Facebook post.
“Some have turned out to be other little dogs, but many sightings have been valid, and have been backed up by multiple sightings in the same area within a few hours of each other.”

Olive has only been seen a total of 6 times by her owners and/or ROAM admin and searchers, and for just a few seconds each time.

“Try as we may, we just can’t seem to catch up to her. When a call comes in, we immediately drop everything, and head to the area. Unfortunately, she is no sooner spotted, then she disappears and is off the radar again; often for several days.”

Olive’s owners, James and Julianna and ROAM searchers are out each and every night (as this is when Olive does most of her traveling) to search and try to ‘catch’ her.

Olive seems to finally be settling in the Brentwood area, and ROAM searchers and her dedicated parents are so happy to finally feel like live-trapping may be an option.

If you happen to spot Olive, please don’t attempt to call her or catch her, as she is running scared and will bolt! Please contact ROAM and they will immediately ‘send in the troops’ to that area: 778-977-6265 or 778-977-6260.

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