Thursday, July 25, 2024

Letter to the buzz: No friends showed up for kids birthday, so a Saanich moms group stepped in to celebrate


Today is my sons birthday. We had a public setting at Beacon Hill park for his minion themed party.

Unfortunately, none of my son’s friends showed up and they all cancelled. He and I were devastated. There were only three family members there to celebrate.

We went out of our way to throw this amazing party, with hats, piñata, cake, goodie bags, decorations and nobody showed.

I then got ahold of a moms group called Saanich moms, and told them what happened.

To my surprise, and I was in complete shock, a bunch of moms arrived bearing gifts and their little ones to help celebrate my sons 5th birthday party.

They helped make this party, and I couldn’t be more thankful. We made new friends on top of it all.

Thank you. I love this community that we’re in and I want to tell you about their act of kindness.

I will never forget this!

Victoria Buzz Staff
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