While most  prefer a leisurely hike on the abandoned rail line that crosses high above the Niagara Creek in Goldstream Provincial Park, two urban climbers filmed themselves climbing the well-known Vancouver Island trestle.

Notorious crane climber, Joseph McGuire, who said he was done with high-risk climbs after a series of injuries and arrests in Vancouver and Calgary over the past two years said he couldn’t resist an invitation from Vancouver resident, Guy Montag, who wanted McGuire to show him what it was about.

“I’m in semi-retirement. I’m not fully climbing. But I don’t do cranes or anything…I try not to do climbing that’s illegal,” said McGuire, who lives in Calgary.

The new video posted online shows Joseph McGuire and Guy Montag, walking along the narrow boards and even dangling by their hands.

The train bridge stands more than 100 metres above a river.

Extended video:

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